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We were promised AI would change the world

Despite significant investment from the world’s largest companies, AI’s impact on the world’s most important challenges has been limited. We are still without autonomous cars, global food security, accessible preventative medicine, reliable drug discovery, or robotic automation at home, among so much more.

Why is AI’s impact so limited?

AI software today is fundamentally broken - pervasively monolithic and research quality. AI production systems are collections of incompatible technologies unified by problematic translators that only the largest and most sophisticated companies have the capabilities to brute force. This works for them due to their armies of developers and vast financial resources, but what about everyone else?

It’s time to rebuild AI software to unlock the power of global developers

Modular is building a next-generation AI developer platform that unifies popular AI framework front-ends and enhances access and portability to a wide range of hardware backends and cloud environments. Our platform is built of layered, composable components that can be remixed and extended to enable a wide-variety of use cases, while empowering domain experts to innovate without needing to know how the whole system works.

Modular is rebuilding and reinventing  AI software from the ground up so developers can focus on the problems worth solving and AI can fulfill its promise

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AI’s future is Modular

Imagine a world where AI developers have the tools to lift us from the “Era of AI Research” to the “Era of Production AI”

One where AI is more usable, portable, and scalable

In this world, developers everywhere can easily deploy the latest AI research into production.  This will enable a far wider range of domain experts to deploy AI into their products, e.g. unlocking health use cases like lung or brain cancer detection, which aren’t a focus of tech behemoths.

One where the AI industry is less fragmented and moves faster

In this world, innovation thrives at all levels of the stack - allowing developers to focus on bringing new innovations to market in their domains of expertise, lifting the whole industry, and powering AI use cases from advanced robotics to the latest mobile phone workloads.