November 22, 2023

ModCon 2023 sessions you don’t want to miss!

ModCon 2023 is Modular’s first ever conference and we’d like to invite you to join us on Dec 4th in San Francisco. ModCon includes a full day of keynote presentations, panels, lightning talks, and workshops from industry experts and the Modular team. 

Don’t forget to register right away, we’re almost sold out! We've had a lot of people ask to get tickets, so we've added 20 more. Register at to meet the team in person, get access to workshops and panels, epic swag, and even more surprises! 🔥

Now, let’s take a brief look at all the exciting sessions we have planned for you.


To find out what’s new from Modular, tune in to ModCon Keynote where Chris Lattner, Tim Davis and Modular team members will share exciting new products, partnerships, and community updates. I won’t share more🤫, all I will say is that you definitely don’t want to miss it! 🤯

Breakout sessions

New Tools & Extensibility in the AI Engine

In this session, Modular engineers Matthew Brookhart and Stephen McGroarty will discuss new tools and extensibility features in the Modular AI Engine. They’ll discuss how to use the tools they developed to benchmark engine performance, and how to use the extensibility feature to extend model architectures by authoring custom Mojo kernels.

Modular AI Engine Performance

In this session, Modular engineers Abdul Dakkak and Hengjie Wang will discuss Modular AI Engine performance across models and hardware architectures. They will dive deep into how AI Engine works and show its performance against Pytorch and TensorFlow and demonstrate how AI Engine scales to models of all sizes including LLMs.

Heterogeneous Compute Using the Modular Stack

In this session, Modular engineers Abdul Dakkak and Ian Tramble will discuss how Mojo and the Modular AI Engine were designed to support systems with heterogeneous architectures. They will discuss how Mojo increases developer velocity by unifying the programming model for heterogeneous systems -- increasing the iteration time from prototype to production code.

Deploying Optimized Models with the AI Engine

In this talk Modular engineers Alex Nikitin and Navroop Bath will discuss how to take Modular AI Engine performance optimized models to production. They’ll show loading a model, optimizing it for performance using the Modular AI Engine, containerizing the model and a serving framework and using container orchestration systems like Kubernetes to host the model as a service.

Mojo🔥: The Language of AI

In this talk Mojo lead Tatiana Shpeisman and Mojo engineer Jeff Niu will discuss how Mojo started, what key problems it’s trying to solve and what makes it ideal for AI development. Attend to learn more about new features, language design and what's next for Mojo🔥.

Building Llama.🔥: A Case-study

In this talk Modular engineers Dan Moldovan and Stef Lindall will discuss how to develop a simple llama.🔥 inference script using Mojo and the AI Engine. They’ll walk you through using the API to build the model, extend the model for data processing, and how Mojo and Engine together lead to performance gains.

Panel sessions

AI in Production

Moderated by Eric Johnson - learn from leaders in the industry about top AI production use cases, and the training and deployment challenges they see companies around the world facing.

Investing in AI

Moderated by Tim Davis - learn from world class investors Cack (Institutional Venture Partners), Deep (General Catalyst), Vijay (Mayfield Fund) about the latest AI trends they are seeing and where they feel the market is heading.

Future of AI Software

Moderated by Dave Munichiello - learn from world renowned AI engineers about the future of AI software and where AI infrastructure is headed.


Moderated by Ewa Matejska - ask the creators of Mojo (including Chris Lattner) questions about Mojo, how it all started and where it’s going. Bring your language feature requests.

Mojo 🔥 Community Competition

We’re hosting a Mojo competition, where the best projects from around the community will be presented on stage. The winner will receive a box of extra special swag, and a chance to highlight your work on the Modular blog, livestreams, and Modular social channels. Submit your project, and we'll select the top 5 projects, cut-off is next week Monday, November 27th.

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Next Steps

We hope to see you soon at ModCon. In the meantime, register for ModCon if you haven’t already, download and run Mojo, and join our amazing community!

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Shashank Prasanna
AI Developer Advocate