We want to enable AI to be used by anyone, anywhere. Our ambitions are enormous, but working here will feel very familiar. You can change the world without giving up your life

Why Modular?

Grow with the best

Build with some of the industry's best AI leaders.

Maximize how you work

We will always push the limits to create the best possible environment for our people and teams. Read how we work.

Build AI for the world

Build a next-generation developer platform, with production quality infrastructure, for the world.

Have fun, live life

Regular team onsites, local meetups & fun, strong team collaboration and more.

Work & life, balanced

  1. Leading medical, dental and vision packages

  2. Strong compensation & equity packages

  3. Generous maternity & paternity leave

  4. 401K Plan

  5. Work wherever you want

  6. Unlimited Vacation & PTO

  7. Corporate perks & epic team fun

  8. Great set up

Working at Modular

We believe in a thoughtful framework to family, compensation, growth, and mission - each of these elements is critical to anyone living a balanced and fulfilling life. We want to ensure that you have a place to achieve the right mix.

  • We trust & empower

    We trust that you will hold our values and standards. This means we don't micromanage you.

  • We write things down

    This is key to being asynchronous. It allows real-time discussions to be more thoughtful and contextually driven.

  • We have levels

    We acknowledge levels of experience upfront and have a transparent and well-defined leveling system.

Learn about us

What you expect from the interview

Modular has a straight-forward interview process and large majority of the roles follow the same steps:

  1. Application Review

    The first step of the process is to submit your resume. We aim to review all resumes within 2 weeks and we respond to every single application made.

  2. Call with Recruiting

    Typically you will first have a short 20-30min call with recruiting to just go over some basic information about you and the company, and to discuss next steps.

  3. Call with Hiring Manager

    The Hiring Manager will dig a bit deeper into your background and previous experience to determine mutual fit. This will also be your opportunity to learn more about what the team is working on and what the role entails. In case you have applied for more than one role on different teams, we often schedule you for two separate calls with two separate Hiring Managers.

  4. Team Interviews

    There are typically 4 team interviews, usually 45-60 minutes each. These may be scheduled all at once or separately, depending on the role. The focus areas for these team interviews vary by role. For example, for Engineering roles, you can expect coding and system design type interviews; for Product roles, we often talk about the industry and product strategy. For Leadership roles, we may ask for a presentation.

    We believe that team culture is a critical part of a great company, so every candidate also has a Culture interview that focuses on communication skills, team work, and so on.  We will let you know what to expect in each interview when we send you a schedule confirmation.

  5. Founder Interviews

    We aim to put all finalists in touch with at least one of our co-founders before a final decision. This would allow you as a candidate to speak directly to Chris and/or Tim, and get answers to any final important questions you may have.

  6. Offer

    If we make you an offer, we share an extensive offer deck for you and schedule a walk-through call to go over the information in detail and again answer any final questions you may have. We also aim to give you enough time to make a decision after that.

I picked modular because of the people and what they believe in and what they want to do. I want to be a part of something that makes a difference for the better.

Paige Bedwell

Program Manager

The team is incredible. They're very smart. They're experts in their field, and we're solving the hardest computational problems in the world.

Abdul Dakkak

AI Compiler Engineer

The best part of working here is a strong commitment to culture. I work on the most challenging problems, have the freedom to do it anywhere, and have a huge impact on AI.

Eric Johnson

Product Lead

Join our team

Come and be part of a world-class team that is rebuilding AI for everyone. We welcome applications from all backgrounds and communities.

Are interviews conducted in-person?

Typically of our interviews are conducted over Zoom video. For coding interviews, we use Coderpad and you will receive a link from your interviewer. In some cases we may fly you in to meet some of our leaders for the last interview.

What do you look for in a candidate?

There is no “one size fits all” answer here however Modulers are passionate about their work, intellectually curious, humble, and ready to roll up their sleeves. We like to have discussions in interviews and expect you to ask clarifying questions and talk us through your thought process — sometimes there is no right or wrong answer, we just want to understand how you think and work through challenging problems. We also look for strong alignment with Modular’s Culture and values.

I don’t meet all of the requirements for a role, can I still be considered?

We would love to receive your application even if it doesn’t meet all criteria! We review applications with all roles and opportunities in mind. Sometimes we may reach out to you to offer or suggest another role or team that might be a better fit for you, or we offer to keep your application on file and reach out a few months down the line once more suitable opportunities open up.

How long does the interview process take?

On average it takes candidates about 4 weeks to go through the full interview process however if you require a decision by a certain date, please speak to your recruiter.

Do you offer internships?

We want to ensure that our interns have an outstanding experience, which includes a well-defined project and goals, meaningful and impactful work, and strong and attentive mentorship. As we are still a small team, we are not ready to offer internships at this time but we will be sure to update the website as soon as it changes!

Do you provide visa assistance?

Yes, we offer premium processing for our H1-B transfer candidates. We can also sponsor H1-B or offer other relevant visa application assistance to eligible candidates.

Do you provide Green Card assistance?

Yes, we also offer Green Card application assistance to eligible candidates, just speak to your recruiter for more details.

Do you provide relocation assistance?

As we are a remote-first company, we generally do not relocate candidates except new graduates who are moving away from campus. If Modular asks you to relocate, we will also provide you with a relocation stipend.

Are there any opportunities for professional development?

Modular is growing rapidly so there are a variety of growth opportunities available — whether that’s moving into a TL role, management, or a lateral transfer to a different team. We provide our managers with training to walk you through your career planning, and we have a well-defined but lightweight performance review process that ensures your career goals are discussed at a regular cadence.

I applied some time ago but haven’t heard back?

We aim to respond to every single candidate, and if you have applied to more than one role, we process all of your applications separately. Sometimes these emails end up in spam, so please check your spam folder. If you haven’t heard from us, you can contact your recruiter or careers@modular.com to follow up.

Will you provide feedback if I am rejected?

We sincerely appreciate the time it takes to interview, so we always provide some feedback as to why your application did not work out if we have spoken to you. If you have not heard from us within 2 weeks after your last call, please follow up with your recruiter.

What benefits do you offer?

Modular offers some world-class benefits for all employees. Our benefit package changes over time, and may depend on your specific location, but US-based employees can expect benefits that include:

  1. A variety of fantastic health benefits (health, dental, vision insurance; life insurance etc) are available.
  2. A 401k plan with up to 5% match.
  3. Access to Passport Corporate Discount Program, LinkedIn Learning, and free tax advice on Carta.
  4. Generous work-from-home stipend of $1500 to help you improve your home office.
  5. Unlimited paid time off and flexible work hours.