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A great culture is the key to creating a great company.

Build products users love

Customers first

We build technology to lift the world by solving our customers' problems. We understand our users' problems and use cases and know there is sometimes a trade-off between "what is important" and "what is interesting" when building technology. We are clear that our customers always come first, and we always deliver on our promises.

Build it right

We build high-quality production software that displays technical mastery inside and out. We make our infrastructure the right way because we understand how quickly technical debt compounds. We know how faster engineering, product development, and business metrics move with a solid foundation. We build scalable, modular, and reliable systems that meet our customers' needs.

Drive results

When our customers and their people succeed, our company succeeds. No matter their role, every employee contributes to our collective success. Individually and together, we are all aligned on what we are working towards and how we can contribute. But we don't just work on auto-pilot. We expect everyone to regularly step back and ask if we're measuring the right input and output. We all win when we drive results that actually matter.

Empower people


We act on behalf of the entire organization and not just for ourselves and our local team. We operate on the assumption that each person is highly motivated and will drive their work with a bias towards action. We drive ownership by tracking progress toward our goals with clear expectations, responsible owners, and solid execution. We expect everyone to act like an owner, and once a decision is made, everyone will fully commit and move forward together.


We are transparent by having decisions, calendars, directions, and plans open to everyone in the company. Anyone can constructively ask tough questions and feel safe to have answers provided directly. We expect people to be clear about what they know and open about what they don’t. We want everyone to feel that they can be vulnerable in front of each other and feel safe to take risks because this is how we grow and innovate.

Hire the best, never stop learning

We hire great people who seek to constantly grow themselves and others around them. Great people don’t settle; they have a thirst for knowledge and new skills, a desire for self-improvement, and actively seek feedback whenever they can. Great people develop great people; they take coaching others seriously and look to raise the standards of the whole organization.

Have fun, live life

We believe people do their best work when they are happy. Our goal is to ensure that you will always have the environment to achieve the right mix of family, compensation, growth, and mission to live a balanced and fulfilling life. By having fun and living your life, you also see more of the world, appreciate it, and learn how we can help improve it.

Be an incredible team

Win together, fail together

Changing the world is a team sport, and we need a group of incredibly talented people to be successful. Individual wins, or mistakes, matter less than everyone winning, failing, learning, and growing together. We expect everyone to listen, speak openly, and treat others with respect regardless of the wins or losses along the way. We foster a blameless culture for mistakes, and we expect our team to take risks without feeling insecure or embarrassed. The more we trust each other, the more we can lean on each other, and the more we can learn and grow together.

Own inclusion, be diverse

We build for everyone, and we are open to everyone. We believe that the best results come from a team that reflects the world at large. Our customers are diverse, and so are their needs, so we must empower and promote diversity and diverse perspectives at all company levels. We need to build diverse teams and foster diverse thinking to create products that genuinely help the world.

Everyone has a voice

We expect the best concept, design, plan, or direction to succeed regardless of someone’s “rank” in the company. Innovation exists everywhere, and great ideas are inside all of us. You can always reach out to anyone at any level in the company. We foster open communication and constructive debate and expect everyone to accept respectful challenges to their positions. We believe that the job of a leader is to find the right answer with their team, not to magically know everything themselves.

Assume positive intent

We expect everyone to assume the best of others. Our experiences have shown that information asymmetry almost always exists between people, and taking the time to understand circumstances via transparent communication is key to building healthy and functioning teams. We're all human and often jump to conclusions; we want people to assume good intentions when we do.