ModCon Mojo 🔥 Contest

November 21, 2023

Jack Clayton

AI Developer Advocate

For ModCon 2023 we'll be hosting a competition, where the best projects from around the community will be presented on stage.

If you're selected as a finalist, you have three options:

  • Present your project on stage
  • Record a video for us to play
  • We'll present your project for you

The finalists will all receive a shirt and a free ticket to ModCon, where we'll have a panel of judges to decide on the winning project.

The winner will receive a box of extra special swag, the ability to post to our blog, join us for livestreams, and we'll promote your work across LinkedIn and Twitter.

Submit your project here, and we'll select the top 5 projects, cut-off is next week Monday, November 27th.

Terms and conditions apply.

Jack Clayton
AI Developer Advocate