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December 15, 2022

Eric Johnson

Product Lead

Help us rebuild AI

At Modular, we are rebuilding AI infrastructure for the world. Our goal is to move past AI tools that are themselves research projects and into a future where AI development and deployment are orders of magnitude more efficient for everyone. You should be able to do this without trading off performance or having to rewrite your entire code base.

Although our team has spent many years building much of the AI industry's infrastructure, we want to continue speaking with and listening to users outside of the companies we are already working with. We are customer first, so we love hearing from industry practitioners — data scientists, ML engineers, and other AI professionals — to understand their needs and where they face challenges.

In line with our vision of enabling AI to be used by anyone, anywhere - we want to hear what pain points you are experiencing with today's AI software stack and how you want to see it improve. We encourage you to fill out our survey to help us understand how you are using AI today — from the very start of your data workflow to which tools you use, which ones you love, what use cases you are trying to solve, and what part of the stack you wish just worked better. We are keen to hear from anyone willing to share their perspective.

Become part of the Modular Community — tell us what AI infrastructure works well for you and what doesn't. Doing so will get you early access to our platform when it's ready, and our survey will take you less than 10 minutes.

Help us rebuild AI infrastructure for the world!

Image Credit: DALLE-2 from Open AI, "Developer sitting at their desk frustrated with AI code oil painting impressionist"

Eric Johnson
Product Lead