Enable AI to be used by anyone, anywhere

Our mission is to have real, positive impact in the world by reinventing the way AI technology is developed and deployed into production with a next-generation developer platform

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AI can change the world, but not until the core infrastructure upon which it is built is fixed and industry fragmentation healed. The opportunity cost is not measured in dollars alone. AI can truly save lives. It can improve dialogue within societies. It can better humanity, the environment, and our futures. We have no time to wait.

Why we created Modular

After working for years at the world’s largest technology companies, scaling the world's largest AI work loads, building the hardware that powers them, and deploying AI to billions of mobile phones and edge devices, we saw that fragmentation and technical complexity held back the impact to a privileged few. The rest of the world isn’t benefiting as it should be from this transformational technology.

We aim to push the whole world of AI forward, not just a select few companies and products. To do that, we need to rethink the current AI systems and infrastructure from first principles to make it easy for anyone to leverage AI to solve the world’s most critical problems with software that just works. Modular and composable infrastructure that simplifies AI development and deployment is what the world needs.

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Our goal is as enormous as it is profound. The only way to succeed is to build a different kind of company to achieve this.

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We have assembled the best AI software and hardware leaders, and are systematically rebuilding the AI software stack from the ground up.

The software that powers AI was created by researchers for research. But that time is now over - AI is no longer a research project

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The next-generation ML system needs to be production-quality and meet developers where they are. AI shouldn’t be something you need to shape your application around. This is the only way to reduce fragmentation and unlock the next generation of hardware, data, and algorithmic innovations.

It is time to incorporate the lessons learned into a single modular and composable system that integrates the best-known technologies from across the industry. It must be natively multi-framework, multi-cloud, and multi-hardware. It needs to combine the best performance with the best usability.