Our launch & what's next

May 11, 2023

Tim Davis

Co-Founder & President

The first step

Last week, we launched Modular to the world after more than 16 months in stealth. We started Modular with a deep conviction — after 6+ years of building and scaling AI infrastructure to billions of users and 20+ years of building foundational compute infrastructure — it was clear the world needed a better path forward. Everyone wants less complexity, better access to compute and hardware, and the ability to develop and deploy AI faster.

Chris and I, along with our entire team, strongly believe in building high-quality tools and infrastructure, and only talking about them when we have something meaningful to show.  You can see just how much we care from the enormous effort we put into our keynote, our website, our docs, our performance numbers, and how we have sought to roll out our products and technology. We detailed our philosophy when we kick-off this journey and our launch shared some of our progress to date toward these lofty goals.

Overwhelming response

We are overwhelmed by the response to our launch. 1M+ views across videos on Modular from our Keynote, Fireship, Jeremy Howard, and many others, almost 10K+ Discord members, 5K+ Github stars, 100K's of developers hitting our website, and even #Mojo🔥 trending on Twitter across the United States, all for an announcement that is only a week old! 🤯

While over 20,000 developers are now playing with our Mojo🔥 cloud notebooks, we still have 10’s of thousands more that are (mostly patiently) stuck in the access queue. The response to our Unified AI Engine, cloud platform, and hardware solution is also incredible, with over 10,000 individuals and 1000 enterprises signing up, validating our performance claims, and already asking for new features.

Hard at work filming the Modular Keynote

In addition to the outpouring of support from our excited and fired-up global community, we have heard from folks who are excited about using our infrastructure to solve problems in protein modeling, underwater robotics, ground-breaking health research, climate modeling, education, and even deploying into space and beyond! The possibilities are truly awe-inspiring.

What comes next ...

While we put enormous effort towards getting to where we are today, this is just the beginning. Chris and I joke about this at the start of our keynote — but it's true!

One challenge we have as a small company is that we are tapping into some of the fundamental problems the industry has been struggling with for years, and we cannot solve all the problems at once. We have transformative technology, and are focused on solving production-grade problems while scaling deliberately over time. We insist on building things right even if it takes a few weeks more.

We believe in beautifully crafted products that grow and evolve from an incredible community of developers, partners, and enterprises who provide us with meaningful feedback that we can act on to build and improve.

In the near future, we will continue to open up access to all of our technologies — rapidly scaling access to Mojo🔥 cloud notebooks, enabling our toolchain to be downloaded and run it locally, and delivering the AI engine to more customers and the open community, rapidly responding to feedback of all kinds as we do. We are listening and working hard to build tools you can fall in love with, so you can productively (and joyfully) create the future.

Join the revolution

We are building Modular so you can move faster than ever before, shipping highly tolerant and scalable AI products that meaningfully impact your users, businesses, and the world. We want the future of AI development to start at Modular - utilizing Mojo🔥, our Unified Engine and our Compute Platform - so we can power the future of AI however that may come. We believe AI needs to be accessible to, and built by, developers all over the world. That’s what winning looks like.

This will be a long and fantastic journey — we just ask that you be patient with us as we solve some the biggest problems in the industry. Know that we are listening to you, building for you, and seeking to empower you to change the world. We can't wait to see all the incredible things you develop. Join the Modular community (Discord, Github) and let's build the future together.

Tim Davis
Co-Founder & President