Modverse Weekly - Issue 1

September 18, 2023

Jack Clayton

AI Developer Advocate


Welcome to the First Edition of the Modverse Newsletter! 🚀

This is our weekly high level summary of things that are happening in and around the Modverse across the AI Engine, Mojo and our Community. Sign Up Here!

Featured Stories

AI Engine

Click here to become part of the AI Engine Early Access Program (EAP) - just select “AI Engine” from the list.

We already have very significant demand for our EAP, but you can add yourself to our waiting list and we will try to reach out when new spots open.

Mojo 🔥

We continue to make huge strides in the Mojo language development - we have recently updated the Mojo SDK and have seen the community develop interesting projects.

SDK launch

The Mojo SDK launched on September 7th with a massive increase in chat volume on Discord. As a result, the Discord channels were expanded, take a look at the announcement here for details.

Language Changes

Check the changelog for Mojo v0.2.1

Updates to the Mojo SDK and Playground will be shipping with a two-week cadence going forward.

Community Spotlight

Post any projects you're working on to GitHub Discussions show and tell, and chat about your project in #community-projects on Discord. We love seeing what the community is up to and often share it internally!

Most Common Issues

Please upvote tickets with a thumbs up that you want to see supported and fixed most!

Make sure to check out the FAQ and Mojo SDK Known Issues.

OS Support

SDK Install and Tooling

  • Issue #538 Hanging during Testing after modular install mojo on Python test. Fix: Check potential fixes here
  • Issue #598 Curl timeout during modular install mojo. Fix: It currently requires a connection speed of 600Kbps+ or else it times out. We’re working on compressing the artifacts.
  • Issue #680 Extension hanging on completions with loading. Fix: Extension requires 24gb+ of RAM. We’re working on optimizing Mojo’s memory requirements.


  • Issue #599 Binary size larger than expected. Fix: There is a known issue with inlining heuristics causing increases in binary sizes. This issue should be resolved in the next release.