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The AI Engine unifies industry frameworks and hardware, streamlining your deployment workflows to any cloud or on-prem environment while providing state-of-the-art performance, portability, and usability wins.

def softmax(lst):
  norm = np.exp(lst - np.max(lst))
  return norm / norm.sum()

struct NDArray:
  def max(self) -> NDArray:
    return self.pmap(SIMD.max)

struct SIMD[type: DType, width: Int]:
  def max(self, rhs: Self) -> Self:
    return (self >= rhs).select(self, rhs)

A single language for all AI development

Mojo is a new programming language that meets AI developers where they are by combining the usability of Python with the systems programming features that cause developers to reach for C, C++, or CUDA.

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