Modverse Weekly - Issue 7 🎃 👻

October 31, 2023

Jack Clayton

AI Developer Advocate

Welcome to Issue 7!

This is our weekly high level summary of everything happening in the Modverse across the AI Engine, Mojo, and our Community. Sign Up for the Newsletter Here!

Featured Stories

  • The entire Modular team got together in Austin last week to plan for upcoming features and announcements 😉

AI Engine

Click here to become part of the AI Engine Early Access Program (EAP), just select "AI Engine" from the list.

We already have very significant demand for our EAP, but you can add yourself to our waiting list and we will try to reach out when new spots open.

Mojo 🔥

An overview of language changes, relevant community projects, and the most common issues.

Community Spotlight

New Popular Feature Requests

Please upvote tickets with a thumbs up that you want to see supported and fixed most!

New Common Issues

Make sure to check out the FAQ and Mojo SDK Known Issues.