Modverse Weekly - Issue 26

March 13, 2024

Jack Clayton

AI Developer Advocate

Mojo syntax has been merged to GitHub linguist! This means syntax highlighting will work for Mojo files across GitHub in their next release.

The repo containing code for Modular blog posts, videos, workshops, and tutorials has moved to devrel-extras. You can also catch up on old content there, each folder has a README that links to the original content.

Blogs, Tutorials, and Videos

Awesome Mojo

  • Mikhail has added a LOT of functionality to his reimplementations of the Go stdlib: gojo
  • Michael published a repo: dynamic_vector.mojo reimplemented using references
  • Mohamed released a repo named mojo-stringbuilder, with faster concatenation of strings
  • Lucas published Stable-Diffusion.mojo written in pure Mojo. It's not fully functional yet, see if you can fix it!
  • Guidorice added features and updated mojo-pytest for Mojo 24.1

Upcoming Events