Mostafa Hagog

Performance & Compiler Engineering Lead

Mostafa is a seasoned engineering leader in high-performance computing. During his tenure at NVIDIA, he served as Engineering Director and led teams to develop optimized deep learning libraries like cuDNN and CUTLASS, revolutionizing GPU-accelerated AI. At SiFive, as VP of Software, Mostafa assumed a leadership role guiding teams in the development of an MLIR/LLVM-based software stack for SiFive Intelligence & performance cores. His contributions also extend to optimizing Intel GPU hardware/software features, playing a pivotal role in developing the AVX1/2 SIMD ISA for Intel CPUs, and contributing to the GNU C Compiler. Mostafa holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, with a specialization in compiler optimizations. His unwavering passion for innovation continues to drive advancements in the field of high-performance computing.