Modverse Weekly - Issue 20

January 31, 2024

Jack Clayton

AI Developer Advocate


Thanks for all the discussions and issues raised after the Mojo 0.7.0 release. We'll be hosting a livestream tomorrow to answer more of your questions. More details below!

Be sure to check out the new proposal for inferred parameters from Jeff to enable:

fn scalar_func[inferred dt: DType, x: Scalar[dt]]() -> Scalar[dt]: return x * 2 print(scalar_func[Int64(5)]())

We open up proposals to the community, so you can comment and leave your input!

Upcoming Events

  • Join us for a livestream and QA about the Mojo 0.7.0 release tomorrow at 11:00am PST. Featuring Modular engineers Laszlo and Stef. We'll be demonstrating new features including lifetimes, dicts, and optionals. We'll also be discussing the new Mojo Language Committee and the proposal for inferred parameters, with QA throughout. It's your chance to ask engineers that work closely with Mojo any burning questions that you have!

Blogs, Tutorials, and Videos

Awesome Mojo

  • Mikhail created weave for ANSI-sequence aware string manipulations. Also check out gojo for Go stdlib io and bytes package ports to Mojo.
  • Mikhail created mist for terminal styling via ANSI
  • Valentin added a Dockerfile and docker-compose for quickly starting a server to his Lightbug HTTP framework
  • Alex updated his Mojo testing lib mojo-pytest for the latest Mojo release 0.7.0