Modverse Weekly - Issue 16

January 3, 2024

Jack Clayton

AI Developer Advocate


Happy new year! The Modular team is back this week after the holiday break.

Some keen Mojicians 🪄 were still making commits over the holidays, in particular a lot of progress has been made on lifetimes and the borrow checker. Chris mentioned on Discord that work is almost complete to switch over from raw pointers to using references with lifetimes attached. One of our active community members sora asked for a blog post about implementing lifetimes and compiler internals. This is a great idea, and we'll aim to get this done over the coming weeks.

Advent of Code

Modular AI Compiler Engineer Weiwei completed all 25 days of advent of code using Mojo here.

She was using the main branch for the Mojo 🔥 compiler, so some exercises starting at day 20 will fail to run or compile with the currently released Mojo 0.6.1. This gives you a sneak-peak for some fixes and improvements coming in the next release 🙂.


  • rd4com created a repo: mojo-ui-html demonstrating how to generate html using Mojo, and serving it using Python's socket module from the stdlib. It allows you to interact with a Mojo binary from a UI, for example calling functions from the browser using html buttons, very cool!
  • Duckki created simple-sat-solver-mojo: Simple SAT solver implemented in Mojo compared to Python and C++ counterparts.
  • p88h released the final part of his blog series on using Mojo with advent of code: Safety and Stability.
  • Leandro updated his specials library with support for natural exponential and logarithmic functions.
  • Valentin created lightbug_http: a http framework using Python's socket module from the stdlib. They plan to change out the implementation to pure Mojo over time.
  • Benny created voodoo: A working machine learning framework in pure Mojo 🔥.