Modverse Weekly - Issue 12

December 8, 2023

Jack Clayton

AI Developer Advocate

Introduction 📰

ModCon has come and gone, thank you to everyone in the community who made it to the event. We really enjoyed meeting everyone, and hearing your thoughts about Mojo and the MAX platform.

The wheels keep turning for Modular, we've been listening to feedback from the community about our initial implementation for traits, and have started planning for extended generic features. Stay tuned for updates.

We are focused on building out and improving traits, getting nightly builds of Mojo available, and getting infrastructure set up so we can open source the standard library over the next few months.

Official Content 🔥

ModCon Contest 🏆

We had wonderful submissions for ModCon, every one of them were great, but we could only choose one winner.

It was a split decision, and the judges decided to go with Dainemo by Stijn: A Machine Learning framework from scratch in Mojo 🔥.

Stijn will be joining us on our next livestream, have the opportunity to do a blog post, and we'll send him a big box of special swag.

Community 📡

Blogs, Articles, and Videos

Mojo Projects

  • Gabriel has custom dict and list types working in his repo: mojo-stdlib-extensions
  • msteele wrote some bindings to SDL named mojo-sdl
  • Fauzan released http.mojo for a simple example wrapping socket from the Python stdlib