Modverse Weekly - Issue 28

April 3, 2024

Jack Clayton

AI Developer Advocate

Last week we released Max⚡ and Mojo🔥 24.2 along with open sourcing the standard library and launching nightly builds, you can find all the related blogs below. We've already had around 50 PR's raised and 10 merged, thanks for all your interest and contributing to Mojo🔥! We've also been receiving a lot of high quality questions from users experimenting with the standard library, please check it out and ask any questions on the Discord!

Blogs, Tutorials, and Videos

Awesome Mojo

  • Check out our Mojo nightly vscode extension for use with nightly Mojo builds
  • Mikhail has updated his ANSI and color support library with automatic color profile detection: mist along with many updates to his CLI library: prism
  • Mikhail created a logging library: stump
  • Martin released a re-implementation of Micrograd with benchmarks named Momograd
  • Maxim updated his re-implementation of the standard library dict with a benchmark script: compact-dict

Open Source Contributions

This is a new section to highlight any great open source contributions we've merged each week! If you see your name on this list and we haven't contacted you yet, please reach out to Jack Clayton on Discord to claim your epic Mojo🔥 swag!

  • gabrieldemarmiesse raised #2038: adding removeprefix and removesuffix to String with the same behavior as Python
  • Shaikh-Ubaid raised #2035: replacing uses of Pointer and __get_lvalue_as_address with safe Reference types

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