Modverse Weekly - Issue 13

December 13, 2023

Jack Clayton

AI Developer Advocate

Introduction 📰

We've had some engineers on annual leave leading into the Christmas holidays, while the rest of the staff are working hard on features and bug fixes:

  • Some improvements have landed for traits for next release, including having a dynamic vector inside a dynamic vector.
  • There have been improvements to the modular CLI and infrastructure to improve download size and speed, which will be coming soon.
  • Some problems were introduced to the REPL and Jupyter environment since the introduction of traits, which we're working on fixes for.
  • Debugging continues to improve. It's still a preview feature in the current release, but some features you may have seen at ModCon like inlay debug hints will be coming soon.

We also now have a dedicated team for the stdlib, previously it was maintained by a small group of compiler engineers to enable the MAX engine. It'll now get the love and attention it deserves 🔥.

Official Content 🔥

We'll be hosting a livestream on Dec 14th, Thursday 10:00 AM PT recapping all the ModCon announcements and talking with community guest Stijn, creator of dainemo

ModCon Videos 🎥

We split up the keynote into separate videos so you can catch up just on what you're interested in:

Community 📡