Modular Community Champions Policy

Last Updated: June 2nd, 2023

This Community Champions Policy (this “Policy”) forms part of Modular’s Terms of Use and governs applicable User conduct for Users who are appointed “Champions” by Modular in Modular’s third party-online forums for Mojo, such as its Discord, Github Discussions or similar forums (each a “Forum”). Modular may designate Champions and revoke ‘Champion’ status of any User in its sole discretion, for any reason or no reason. Modular reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate Champion-User accounts for any violations of this Policy, violations of any terms governing use of the applicable Forum, or any other violations of Modular’s Terms of Use. 

Facilitating a Stable and Respectful Community

Champions are expected to uphold community rules, norms, and expectations in the applicable Forum that encourage positive engagement by community members. Champions shall both abide by the applicable Modular terms and Forum terms, and encourage community members of the applicable Forum to do the same. The content in each Forum that is subject to this Policy includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Posts
  3. Discussions
Setting Community Member Expectations

Champions can ensure Forum members have predictable experiences on various rooms, communities, threads or other areas of a Forum by doing the following:

  1. Providing a clear and concise description of the topic(s) discussed by your applicable community.
  2. Properly labeling content and communities, particularly content that is graphic, sexually-explicit, or offensive.
  3. Creating rules that explicitly outline your expectations for members of your community.
  4. Explicitly marking your community as “unofficial” in the community description
Preventing Undesirable Conduct

As a Champion, Users shall not interfere with or disrupt other, non-Mojo communities, nor shall they facilitate, encourage, coordinate, or enable members of the applicable Forum community to do the same.

Champions shall never do the following, and shall monitor and moderate content in the applicable Forum community that attempts to do the following:

  1. Mention other communities, and/or content or users in those communities, with the effect of inciting targeted harassment or abuse.
  2. Enable or encourage members of a Forum to violate applicable terms.
  1. Enable or encourage community members to post or repost content in other communities that is forbidden.

Champions shall regularly check in and moderate content on and otherwise engage with content on the applicable Forum in the designated communities. Champions shall ensure that issues are being addressed, and that Forum community members feel safe and attended to.

Enforcing Forum Guidelines

Modular will strive to work with Champions directly to resolve issues happening in the applicable Forum without having to resort to restrictive measures. If Champions are unable to moderate community members appropriately because an applicable member is unresponsive or responds with hostility or is uncooperative, Modular may work directly with the applicable Forum providers to take corrective actions.


Champions agree and acknowledge that any time spent acting as a Champion is unpaid and on a voluntary basis, and further understand that serving as a Champion in no way creates an employment relationship or other services relationship with Modular. Modular shall have no liability or responsibility to Champion for its conduct in any Forum or as a result of this Policy.  Other than as explicitly authorized in this Policy, Champions may not speak on behalf of Modular. Except for authorized Forum activity, Champions shall not make public statements about Modular or Mojo without disclaiming Champions lack of affiliation with Modular.


Misuse of Personal Information is prohibited. Any person or entity collecting data from the Platform must comply with the Modular Privacy Policy ( If a User collects any Personal Information from the Platform, that User agrees it will only use that Personal Information for the purpose for which the respective User to whom the Personal Information pertains has authorized its use. User agrees that it will reasonably secure any Personal Information it has gathered from the Platform, and User will respond promptly to complaints, removal requests, and "do not contact" requests from us or other Users (to the extent applicable).

User Protection

User must not engage in activity that significantly harms other Users. Modular will interpret policies and resolve disputes in favor of protecting Users as a whole.