Modverse Weekly - Issue 33

May 10, 2024

Jack Clayton

AI Developer Advocate

This week we hosted a livestream with many good questions from the community. People were most interested in macOS support for MAX, and GPU support. These are both top priority at Modular so stay tuned! The standard library team were happy to announce that we've had 250 OSS contributions since open sourcing, we continue to be impressed and motivated by our active community!

Also check out the new proposal on automatic deref in Mojo. This is to solve the need to use [] to deref, for example when iterating through a list. The overwhelming consensus from the community is in support of the "eager reference decay" implementation, which will be familiar to C++ developers, and also provide a much better experience for developers transitioning from Python.

Blogs, Tutorials, and Videos

Awesome Mojo

  • Martin built another Andrei Karparthy port: minbpe used for LLM tokenization.
  • Community collaboration ML Framework Basalt has had a large number of updates including many new ops, import / export to ONNX, and dynamic ops.
  • rd4com built a web framework on top of Lukas' lsx HTML building library.
  • Maxim updated his mojo-sort library to work with the latest nightly compiler, along with performance improvements.
  • Dimitri released a library named toybox with a disjoint set.

Open Source Contributions

The open source contributions each week have become too large to list! We merged 44 since the last newsletter, you can find them all here. Any significant changes that made it into the changelog are here. Note that we've moved to using a tool named Copybara to keep the external and internal repo in sync. This automation has allowed us to push out nightly compiler releases at a much more regular cadence. Thanks for all the great contributions, make sure to DM Jack Clayton on Discord if you've had a PR merged to claim some epic Mojo swag!