Modverse Weekly - Issue 31

April 24, 2024

Jack Clayton

AI Developer Advocate

Open source contributions are starting to ramp up, thank you so much to the community for embracing Mojo🔥 open source and improving the language!

Blogs, tutorials, and videos

Awesome Mojo

  • Mikhail (toasty) has released updates to 4 of his Mojo libraries:
    • prism: CLI library, now with argument values and booleans
    • mog: TUI library with many updates
    • gojo: Reimplementation of Go standard library. The basics of the famous net package are in!
    • termios: Terminal manipulation on Unix-like systems
  • Lukas published his HTML building library: lsx
  • Alain released modcodes: Error Correction (De)Coding with Mojo      
  • Basalt is a promising ML framework, and they're looking for a web dev to help build documentation
  • Vladyslav did an implementation of atol-simd with SIMD (Converting string to integer)

Open source contributions

If your name is on this list, reach out to Jack Clayton on Discord to claim some epic Mojo🔥 swag!

  • Gabriel made multiple contributions:
  • #2327 jayzhan211: Support reverse for Dict keys
  • #2319 Mosafi2: Change FileHandle.read_bytes() to not copy data
  • #2314 eltociear: update debugging.ipynb
  • #2310 artemiogr97: create os.remove and os.unlink