Modverse Weekly - Issue 17

January 9, 2024

Jack Clayton

AI Developer Advocate


Modular is back in full swing this week with a variety of topics being discussed. For lifetimes, there is still more work to be done, there might not be a full release with documentation this month. However, there is work being done to enable nightly Mojo 🔥 builds, so that keen Mojicians 🪄 can experiment with upcoming features before they're widely released. This would be the ideal way to debut lifetimes, so we can iron out any bugs before a wider release.

MAX Platform

Good progress is being made on the MAX platform, make sure to sign up to get early access over the coming months.

Stay tuned for more details about early access coming soon.


  • Valentin changed the underlying implementation of lightbug_http from Python to raw Mojo! It uses external_call to make system calls using libc, and serves as a good example for how to build your own libraries that need to make system calls.
  • Henk-Jan released quine-mccluskey-mojo: a Mojo implementation of the Quine-McCluskey and Petrick methods to simplify boolean expressions. The algorithm is runnable at compile time to greatly improve runtime performance.
  • Alex created mojo_1brc: a Mojo implementation of the 1 billion row challenge that is making the rounds on social media, see if you can make it faster!
  • rd4com has continued to expand mojo-ui-html. There are many extra features and examples to check out since last weeks release!