Life at Modular AI

We are a progressive and agile team with some of the best leaders and engineers in the industry. Working at Modular AI will enable you to work alongside incredibly motivated and talented people who have high standards, possess a growth mindset, and have a purpose to truly change the world.

What we value

A great culture is the key to great success.

We believe culture is enduring, difficult, and hard to change, and it's the standard everyone holds themselves to when no one is watching. It's created through a unique mix of people who believe in and agree on a set of values and then work hard to uphold them. We expect everyone to promote and support our culture always.

How we work

What you should expect working here.

We believe people do their best work when they are happy - the “how” matters a lot to us. We believe in prioritizing family, compensation, growth, and mission.
Eric Johnson

The best part of working here is a strong commitment to culture. I work on the most challenging problems, have the freedom to do it anywhere, and have a huge impact on AI.

Product Manager
Work from anywhere
We're a distributed company
We hire the best people, no matter where they are. As a distributed team, our working habits embrace scalable asynchronous communication along with video chat, in-person meetings and on-sites, and other synchronous communication mechanisms that make work easy.
Remote work
Get a great setup
What you need to be the best
Get any setup that makes you work effectively - a standup desk, screens, a desktop machine, a laptop, etc. We give you all the swag you need to feel part of a company that genuinely cares about your work and is on a mission to build better AI infrastructure for everyone.

We trust & empower each other.

We trust that you will do the right thing and hold our values and standards as high as you would of other incredibly, highly motivated people. This means we don't monitor or micromanage you - we expect you to just get stuff done. We push everyone to have a bias for action - if you don't know what to do or how to do something, just ask. It's that simple. We are all here to help and empower you to be incredible.
Trust & empower
We write, a lot
We believe in writing everything down. Written communication is a highly scalable medium that enables all to participate regardless of timezone. It also allows real-time discussions to be more powerful, thoughtful, and contextually driven.
We're accessible
Everyone is accessible. You can always reach out to anyone in the company for anything. No one is out of reach for any discussions, concerns, or ideas you might have. We pursue transparency & openness everywhere we possibly can.
We have levels
Everyone has different levels of experience. We acknowledge levels upfront rather than hiding everyone under "Member of Technical Staff" or "Team Member" titles. We have a transparent, calibrated, and well-defined leveling system.
Modular AI

We work hard, but reasonable hours

You are not expected to give up your life. We want you to bring the best of yourself to work, to be effective when you work, so you can truly enjoy your non-work time.

We provide everyone with workflow improvements, unlimited PTO, the right tools, equipment, setup, and support to truly help build AI infrastructure for everyone.
Hire & provide offers fast
We don't mess around
Our recruiting processes are streamlined and efficient - we interview and extend offers for the best people with limited process. Internally, we empower small groups of decision-makers to move quickly. We view hiring as a bilateral exchange - we are interviewing you, and you are interviewing us.
We celebrate everything
Wins, failures & the journey
We celebrate our wins, failures, and accomplishments every week - professional or personal. We have regular on-sites and get-togethers available to everyone. We love to push for the discovery of new and exciting places. Our vision to change the world is long, and we relish each step along the way.
Mike Edwards

Since starting with the Modular AI team, I have a constant smile on my face. It's an incredible place to work, where my effort is really valued, and the values are really part of work life.

Operations Manager