Modverse Weekly - Issue 18

January 19, 2024

Jack Clayton

AI Developer Advocate


Modular is getting ready for the first Mojo 🔥 release of 2024! There are a number of features coming, including new types for Python and Rust fans, improvements to the LSP, and far improved variadic lists taking advantage of the early implementation of lifetimes. That's right, lifetimes are coming! They're still in an early state, but you'll be able to experiment and give feedback as we build them into the stdlib.

Many more bug fixes and improvements are coming, stay tuned for the update announcement!

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Awesome Mojo

  • talhatahir built the first image decoder in Mojo: Jpeg Decoder.
  • Alex is hosting an index for public Mojo packages, with a CLI for quickly installing them named submojo.
  • Mikhail created prism: a CLI library in Mojo inspired by Cobra.
  • Maxim created mojo-fast-base64 a fast implementation for encoding base64.
  • Duckki created field-fft-mojo: Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in Mojo.
  • Mohamed improved his FASTQ parser MojoFastTrim, now up to 4x faster than the best C and Rust implementations!

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